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The need to look great in my “Birthday Suit”


I want to look good naked.




What did you just say?!?!??!!?






      When I started my weight loss journey I wanted to get healthier, then when I was taken off my heart, blood pressure, and cholesterol medication then after that I wanted to get fitter and to be able to run a Half marathon properly. Now, at the end of my journey I just want one simple thing, to look good naked. When I say naked I mean  but-ass, birthday suit, “I feel a draft” NAKED.


     Now I am not saying that I want to have abs of steal, or even buns that would crush a rock, just that I want to stand in front of my mirror in my bedroom and say “Yup, I would DO me.” I don’t know why all of a sudden I want this, I am in a great relationship where I am respected and appreciated regardless of my size or shape, but I just want to do this for me.


My problem area


        Now everyone has there problem area, or as I like to call them “wobbly bits” that they hate. Some people hate their ass, while others think they have army tanks for thighs. For me it has, is, and always will be my stomach. All the women in my family tend to carry their weight in their stomachs, and although I have lost a substantial amount of weight and inches around my waist (12inches/ 1 foot has shrunk around my waist) I am still a little bit self-conscious about this area of my body. This is where ALL of my last 15 pounds live, I am fine with every other part of my body except for this one; my stomach, my flabby, fat, stomach.

     Let’s face facts; you can’t hate the way that your whole body looks. THERE IS PARTS OF YOUR BODY YOU DO LIKE. You need to find these parts, embrace these parts before you can fix your problem area. You must realize that some of you is fat, but that some other parts of you are great. For example, I have a great rack, (large boobs) and an (so I have been told) nice ass. I know this, so I don’t feel like I am a complete ugly fatty. Even though I have made major strides in self-confidence  with the “I am awesome attitude” I do realize that certain people don’t think this way about themselves and I respect that. But you need to find it, you need to take a good look at yourself and find the things that you like.


What you see VS. What is reality.


  Many people suffer from “body warping” meaning that they are one thing, and yet they see another. For example, my stomach. Every shirt that I wear I see it even though it is not as noticeable in all of them. I see my stomach larger than it actually is, I see myself larger than I actually am. To get over this I recommend that you do this;  Get out a washable marker, and stand against a white door. Stand there naked or in tight clothes and get someone to draw your ACTUAL outline on the door. Step back and take a look at it. Take a look at what you actually are, then draw with another color marker what you would like to fix  essentially draw  your new shape, draw your goal. You will be amazed how big or small you actually are. Just like you faced the numbers on the scale face this, accept this, and then move on.





Yes, let those words ring out my friends. I don’t know about you but this piggy wants to stop hiding. I want to stop hiding behind baggy clothes, I want to stop hiding behind jackets. In the end I want to stand in front of my mirror and look good, actually no, GREAT naked. I want to look at myself, at every curve, every mark, every inch of me and feel great. This is by far the hardest part of my journey. It is the most frustrating part. I am lucky, I have surrounded myself with people who want to see me be achieve my best, I have essentially surrounded myself with people who are  pushing me towards this new goal.


Oink, Oink my friends…………..



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Janet a.k.a: “The piggy”


Before 193lbs....we all have to start somewhere and this is where I started.

I am no one. Nothing special. I am a student, I study Environmental Sciences but basically I am no one. I am however, someone who has faced my fattness head on, and I am someone  who has faced and delt with it for the last 26 years of my life. For who ever reads this, I am here to share my story, my experiences with weight loss. I am here to tell you what worked for me, and what should worked but didn’t. I am here to stand hand and hand with my fellow fatties, that part of our society that are pushed aside and shunned becuase of the extra rolls that are on their bodies. I have been there, done it.

So who the hell am I? What Right do I have to be writing anything about weight loss?

First, I hold no degree in Nutrition, and No I am not a personal trainer. I am just someone who got sick of late night infomericals that promised me a tighter body for “five easy payments of blah blah blah”, I am sick of walking into a gym and having to face a personal trainer that has the body I wished I could have, but would never be able to obtain. Basically I was sick of smaller and fitter people telling me what I needed to do to, to make my body look like theirs. I was sick of taking advice from people that did not know where it was I was coming from. But most of all I was sick of people who had never been fat, telling me how to get thin.

I have done it.

Lost weight.

It was hard work, I cried myself to sleep sometimes but I did it. I was 193lbs in September, and now I am 155lbs with 15 lbs more to go until I reach my goal.

Basically I am you.

I am that fat kid who everyone picked on.

I am that fat friend who would hide in the deepest corner of the bar hoping not to draw any attention to myself.

I am that fat person who hates the summer weather because undressing the layers to show my fatness is frightnening.

I am you.

And if you will let me, I will show you what worked for me, what didn’t, but most of all I will stand by you not as  a friend, or a blogger,  but I will stand by you, hand-in-hand as a fellow fattie.

Oink, Oink my friends……


After....161 with 20lbs to go...this was December 2008

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