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Finding a reason to train….

If you, like I did at one time have decided to take up running, swimming or just physical fitness then find yourself a reason to do so because if you do not find a reason, you will fail.

It is true.

You will fail.

My best half marathon time was logged in at 2:46, this personal best was achieved at the Royal Victoria Marathon in 2006 when I was running the race in memory of my grandmother and grandfather. This reason, the decision to run it for them motivated me to contunie through the tough training days, it gave me the motavation to hobble my way across the finsh line even though I was injured. And at the end it gave me a gratification that I was doing something for them, it was in the end 21km of memories.

Now your reason dose not have to be profound, just give yourself some sort of motivation to move forward, your body can only do half of the work, your mind will be your greatest barrier in achieving your goals. Finding a reason to train, something personal to you and only to you will push your legs that extra mile, give you that extra push when you feel you can’t go on….


Oink, Oink my friends…


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  1. Heya Janet, I was doing some health/weight loss blog surfing and found my way here.

    Awesome job on the weight loss!

    I’m right there with ya about keeping your goals and reasons for training out right in front of you. When I forget why I’m (in theory) working so hard, I falter and slide back into a whole lotta nuthin’. But, when I keep my reasons out in front of me and remind myself of them constantly, my training and my nutrition go so much better.

    One of my tricks is keeping a bit sheet of paper up on my bedroom wall with weigh in goals, quotes, photos of how big I used to be, photos of guys’ physiques I admire (in the sense of if I work hard, I can look like that), and – of course – the obligatory photos of hot bikini babes. I make sure I pump up my iPod and stare at all of that long and hard before I go to the gym and it really gets me amped up.


    Comment by Will (4xlt) | May 27, 2009 | Reply

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