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Deciding to Train….

I recently started to read once again…John Bingham’s book “Running for mortals” and found this amazing quote …..

                                      “The first step—Deciding to train—-transfoms more ‘mortals’ into adult-onsdet athletes

                                          than the last step across the finish line”

This quote is so VERY, VERY TRUE…….

And here I go again….it’s time to train…..for the 2009 Victoria Marathon!!!!!

I am perfectly scared shitless this time though….it will be my 4th Half- marathon and I am more nevous about this one than I have been about other runs….

I am not going to worry about my finishing time this time though but I am however going to train as hard as my pudgy little body will let me…..

This is where I will vent my frustration, and my injurys instead of a weight loss blog I will be switching the gears on this blog to include my training schedule so anyone interested in learning how to run a half marathon or what they should do can ask me…..I can tell you what works for me and what dosen’t but most of all I will share my failures and my success’s with you….


Oink, Oink my friends…


orginal blog post found at https://jbingham82.wordpress.com


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