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Don’t lie to youself you are fat.

When your train starts sliding off it’s track.

No matter how dedicated you are, no matter how good you are at working out, you will at some point fall off your weight loss train track.


Here are the most common ways that your train will find it self De-Railed

The novility  wears off.

             – Your first few weeks of your weight loss journey are great! You will feel charged up and energized, you basically feel invisible! You nail all of your work outs, in the  first few weeks you are eating fabulous and are saying no to any and every temptation that comes your way. Then the novelty wears off. You body starts to get sore. Moving is now harder because you have essentially sent your body into a state of shock.  Cravings come back, and it gets harder and harder to say no to those tasty temptations. Then you start slowly giving in. You start only working out half the time you use to, and you start eating more and more of the crap you shouldn’t. You have essentially lost the motivation, and your switch has turned off.  This is the number one reason why diets don’t work and will never work. If you find yourself sliding down this slippery slope, start over, start marking or graphing  your weight loss, inches lost, work out time. Give yourself some type of motivation to keep going. This little piggy made a weight loss graph which I posted on my wall and it gave me the motivation that my mind needed to go forward. You need to find it, your motivation. Find something that will work for you,  but most of all remember that you are doing this for yourself, and no one else can do it for you.

You Loose your fat ass and then become “Comfortable”

                    – You are fat. Therefore you WILL ALWAYS BE FAT. That fat, chubby, former you is hiding underneath the new you, just waiting to come back out. You have to keep reminding yourself that being fat is an addiction, and like all addictions it never truly goes away. This is happening to this little piggy now. I am almost done losing the weight, I have about 15lbs to go until I reach my goal, I however have become “Comfortable”. Meaning, I know I have lost enough weight that I know I look better, I know that I have gotten myself healthier, I feel great  but my work out routines have been slacking lately. I have just realized this is recent weeks, I have neglected to make time for my workouts, I have not shown them any “love.” When you find yourself here, try getting out an old picture of yourself, look at it, stare at it, and remember that if you do not re-jump start your weight loss (or weight maintenance) rountiene, you will find yourself right back to being a fatty. You will become fat again. You will fail. So don’t. Just don’t, I have started training for a half marathon, which is forcing me to run a given number of KM every week, so now I can’t fall off track. Find yourself a goal, they usually work wonders.

Sad times.

                        – Some people are emotional eaters. They eat more when they are either really happy or very sad. I am one of those rare people who eat more when I am happy, and eat less when my life gets stressful. Most people however emotinally eat, they eat when things in their life goes a little bit sour because food, just like drugs, and ciggerates offer an instant pleasure. I know this girl, lets call her “Katie” she and her boyfriend are having troubles, and by troubles I mean that HE is a complete douche bag and should be strung up by his non-existant balls, because he has cheated on her. She started her weight loss journey about the same time as I did and she lost about the same amount of weight. But now, she has lost all motivation, even though she was  not fat anymore, due of this betrayl she feels fat, ulgy and not worthy of anyone or anything, including her workouts. Now she is coming around and realizing her boyfriends douche baggy behaviour, but she still feels horrible about herself and has began to eat more, and exersize less. She has gained in two mouths almost 75% of the weight she lost. She feels like a failure. I was talking to her via MSN, when I finally said …”Get over it, jesus christ, get over it.” I don’t know why but those words propelled her into a new weight loss journey. She is back on track. Now I am not saying to just get over it, but put your frustration  into something efficent. For example, if you have lost a loved one and find yourself emotionally eating, why not sign yourself up for a 5km or 10km run to honor them. If your boyfriend or spouse leaves you, then make yourself feel great by looking better. The more you focus on the positive the more you will forget about the negative.


Your train will slide off it’s track. It will happen, and when it does you have a choice. A simple choice. You and only YOU can make it.

You have to choose; if  you are going to lay down and die or if you are going to stand up and fight.

Choose wisely my fellow fatties.


Oink, Oink my friends…….


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