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Don’t lie to youself you are fat.

Stop the excuses, and find time to move your fat body.

There is something that you need to know.

Something that is simple, yet so very true.

If you make time for excuses, that is the various reasons why you have become fat, then you should have no problem finding time to make  new excuses to move your fat body.

I have seen it all too often, here are some excuses that I have heard;…………..

“I have kids, they take too much of my time.”

            – Really kids? Wow, your special. It’s not like most of the human population has kids, and yet obesity only affects 30% of the worlds population. This excuse is the one that rely pisses me off. It’s the excuse that, I can not understand as I do not have children. What is more suprising to me, is most of these parents that are fat tend to have fat kids (My mom was fat, so those bad habits passed to me etc…). So, mabye instead  of shoving your children in front of an X-Box, or a TV why not get off your ass and take them to a park, get involoved in organized sports. Why not MAKE THEM PART OF your workout routine (bike riding, snow boarding, even snow shoveling or yard work moves your puggy body) This is me being blunt (Iam sure to piss off a couple of people with this one), get off your ass and stop thinking that the world owes you something because you have children. You are the parent so start taking responsibilty for yours (and perhaps your childrens) fatness; that’s unless you do not want to be around to see your grandchildren.

“I work too much”

              -This excuse makes me equally as mad as the first. You work to much? Really? Wow, aren’t you special! Wait give that fatty an award! Get off your high horse, if you can sit on your coach, watch the latest installment of whatever reality tv show is hot these days, then you can work out. Too tired?? TOUGH! Get off your fat ass and move it, everyone works hard and you my fat friend are not different from the rest of us blue collar workers. Get over it, but most of all get over yourself and your thinking that you are the only one with “tough days at the office”.

“I have bad Knees, bad this, bad that…blah blah blah”

                       -Oh my goodness! You have bad knees and your fat!!! WAIT….WAIT….there could be some realtion there. Perhaps it is all extra weight you are putting on your knees that has made them bad, or a pre-existing condition worse. This excuse is a joke. I hate it so much. People who use it piss me off. I HEAR THIS ONE ALL THE TIME! and it frustrates the hell out of me because there is ALOT of low impact things that you can do that will help you lose your fat ass. Many different work outs such as walking, biking, swimming etc etc…. that you and your puggy body can do with putting minimal strain on your affected joints. Besides….no pain, no game right? Yup…it’s true.

“I don’t like working out infront of people,  I am too self-consious”

                     -This excuse I have some sympothy for, as it is what being fat affects our minds. The extra fat makes us feel that we are not worthy working out next to fit people. Think about it though my fellow fatties. Those people that you are afraid of working out next too in the gym, those fit people, do you think they just woke up that day? Probably not. So just work out beside them, because I guarentee that they are more focused in their own work out routine and are probably not giving you and yours a second thought. Most fat people feel that if they go on a walk or a run outside that people in passing cars and on sidewalks will make fun of them. I use to think this. Then I got over it. You have to, and the best way to get over it is to say to yourself  “Iam awesome, everyone else is sub-standard, let those assholes stare at my awesomeness” Besides once you get into a regular work out routine you will never give this excuse another thought.

There are many other excuses that I could point out right now, but I wont..we would be here forever. Just remeber that being fat, the way that you are right now, is because of all the excuses you let your mind believe,and now your body is suffering for it.

It is time to take control.

It is time to shut down those excuses that prevent you from obtaining your goal.

Today, this moment in your life is  YOUR time…….


Oink, Oink my friends……


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  1. Thank you. You’re blunt, and I like it, well, I don’t like it really. In fact I hate it, but it’s what I need. I use two of those excuses myself, but I know that they just excuses. I find excuses easy. My most common one is i’m too tired. Which is just as stupid because I know that after I exercise I get an energy rush.

    Comment by pinnythewu | March 3, 2009 | Reply

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