Piggy’s little Blog

Don’t lie to youself you are fat.

Success and why it’s all up to you.

After you face the scale.

After you face your own fattness.

After you weed out all of the negative people from your life.

Even after that switch goes off that propels you into weight loss, your success depends entirey on you.


I know I soundlike an Oprah Show but it’s true. Like weight loss the logic behind this rule  is simple. The cards are all in your hand. YOU have to get up everyday and put in the time on the treadmill. YOU are the only one that makes the choice between a high calorie dinner and a low calorie dinner. YOU are the person that will make all of your chips fall into place.

It is simple but true.

You however, can not understand success until you face, and overcome failure. You need to feel what failure, and what pain feels like before you can understand and apprechate success….

You will fail along the way.  Accept this, and then move on.

You will  for instance have zero weight loss weeks, and you will have temptations that you just cant pass by, that peice (or whole) cheese cake that you just have to eat. You will look at these as failures, but they are all just part of the greater story. They are just part of your overall success.

No one can do it for you.  Your path to success is something that you can only do for youself, no one else will be walking with you. You must walk the path alone.

You are the only one that can kick your own ass, give your mind the motavation that your body needs, get out of bed earlier than your friends each morning because you, unlike them, need to put in the workout time.

Success is great my fat friends. What is grander though, what is better than anything else, is to  look back and laugh at your own failures. That is where they are now, behind you. Most of all though sucess offers you an opportunity to laugh at the people who thought that you would fail and who are now forced to look at your success, they are now forced to look at the new successful you.

Laughing my friends, laughing at failure is the greatest success that you can offer your puggy little body….

Oink, Oink my friends…..


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