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Why Negative people will Destroy you and your weight loss goal.

I don’t care who you are. How nice you are. How you will bend over backwards for someone. Somewhere in your friendship circle there is those one or two people who has, and who always will make you feel like crap.

So what do you need to do? You need to take a good, hard look at your friendship circle. Examin it from the inside out. Look at how people react to you and your new life style. Look at how they act when you have reached a certain goal, when you have overcome a weight loss wall. Look at how they all react.

Your real friends will say things like “That’s great!” or “You look Great!” and they will actually mean it. Those people want to see your best shine through your fatness. They are also the people who instead of encouraging a fast food meal, or a drunken binge  will suggest something that is in-line with your weight loss goals. Although they may not understand your current struggle they will support you, because leading a healthier lifestyle is what makes you happy. They WANT to see you happy.

Now, the Negative friends. They are easy to spot once you know what to look for. They are those friends who encourage Negative life-style behaviour. They are people who basically make you feel a litttle less Awesome everytime you are around them. They are the people who will say “You look great Piggy” and then turn around and say “Yeah but she has got a thousand pounds to go” to someone else.

They are TOXIC.

They are POSION.

If you encounter one of these negative people in your friendship circle, I can only give you one peice of advice, and believe me you will thank me later…


Run as far and as fast away from them as your puggy little body will carry you.

For me it was hard to find the people who were negative in my friendship circle. I am one of those people who hates it when people do not like me. I crave acceptance. For whatever reason, most likely my low self-esteem issues caused by the fatness, I wanted people to like me even though deep down I Knew they were Posion.

Then I woke up.

That is when I realized that these people, these “Friends” were nothing more than figments of my imagination. I had built  these people up to be something that they were not. I told myself that they were supportive even though  deep down I knew the truth, that they didn’t and never would care.

Now I am not saying Completly disregard these people, just keep your distance. But let me warn you, these Negative people, that part of society which feeds on other peoples struggles will always be in your life. You will always encounter them even long after your weight loss battle is complete.

Even now., this piggy still finds herself battling with these negative people. I would for example, write notes on face book these notes were blunt, and to the point. Most fat people who read them were like “That’s awesome Piggy, thank you for that honesty” while others would say “Some people can’t help it if they are fat, blah blah blah blah” These negative people would completly miss the point. They would miss the message behind my rants, they would miss the meaning behind the bluntness and all because THEY were one of these Negative people,  THEY couldn’t see the Positiveness in the message. These were apparently my “friends,” and I will admit I went on the defensive at first, I would defend my notes, my writings, my rants…..I went right back into that old defensive mode. Then I realized, why. I know what these notes mean, fat people know the meaning behind them, so why I am listening to them? Why was I letting this lesser part of society get to me? So I  then went through my facebook friends list and deleted all of those negative people, I blocked them from my life. Let me tell you something, it was great…it was a great feeling not to care anymore what these people thought.

I am a very positive person, and very blunt. I am in short, AWESOME. I tell myself that every minuite of every day, because it is true and if you let yourself belive it, believe that you are awesome, those negative people will have no affect on you.

If you embrace this. Embrace your inner Awesomeness, and get rid of all of that Negativeness that surrounds you, that clouds you, that makes you shy away from obtaining your goal. If you do this, weed out the toxic, the poison from your life, you will feel better and losing weight will come that much easier for you; because instead of having people pulling you away from your weight loss goal, you will now only have that great part of your friend circle pushing you towards it, helping you obtain it.

Don’t let anyone else make you think otherwise.

This piggy is awesome.

You my friend, are AWESOME.

Oink, Oink my friends…..


February 26, 2009 - Posted by | The begining of Your Weight loss Jorney

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