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Don’t lie to youself you are fat.

How to start, crawl before you walk.

Many, Many, Many, Many people ask me “Hey Janet (no my friends don’t call me piggy), so how did you loose the weight?” Then they stare at me waiting for some profound answer, waiting for me to give them some golden diet that would shape them into the super-skinny- bikinni wearing bombshell that they have always wanted to become. I just usually stand there, looking at them with a dumb look on my face.

It’s simple I Don’t have an answer.

Then I thought about it more, sat up nights (not really but lets pretend) wondering, thinking what responce I should have when another fellow fattie asked me this “how did you”  question. Then it occured to me. I finally got it. Losing weight is not hard, actually the basics of it is quite simple.

The answer my fellow fatties is simple. Just that plain and simple.

Move your computer screens closer my friends.

Turn the TV off because what I am about to tell you is profound.


There you have it. Yoda has spoken. You can all applause now.

Now look, I am not going to pretend that weight loss is something that is easy, but look at it. Look at any diet that you have undertaken, tried at and failed. Just look at the basics. Strip that diet down to it’s raw facts, it will tell you to eat less, better food and move your chubby little body more.

So how did I do it.

I did just that.

I exersized about an hour a day, ate better foods. But let me give you a hint. When I craved foods, when I wanted Candy, French fries (by far this piggy’s weakness) I would give my body what it wanted, but just a smaller portion of it. If I went out with my friends, I would have A DRINK  not Ten, not falling down drunk just  ONE DRINK. It’s all moderation people, and it’s purley about self control.

After you have faced your number on the scale, and after your switch went off this will all seem simple to you. Loosing weight is just the same as Grade one basic Math (yeah didn’t think  math would ever bite you in the ass eh?) burn more than you take in. Move your body, move it any way you can. Walk to work. Bike, whatever, join a stupid gym do something. Go to a local running room and join up for a learn to run clinic. Do anything that makes your body move more.

You however must learn to crawl before you walk. Don’t do what most people do and have the first two weeks of “This is great, I am getting healthy” the first two weeks are going to send your body through major withdraw, like dealing with any other addiction. Get into an exersize routine slowly, you can’t go from zero exersize to 7 days a week it’s not realistic.  Try setting realistic goals for yourself, don’t set yourself up to fail. We are our hardest critics.

So how I did it? How did I loose weight?

It’s simple…..Just move your body.

Oink, Oink my friends…..


February 25, 2009 - Posted by | The begining of Your Weight loss Jorney

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