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The Switch

The switch.

At some point in your weight loss journey you will have to have something that triggers you into and onto that weight loss path. Everyone has their own switch, that moment in time where you have had enough of being fat, and want to change your life for the better. You all will have to figure out the switch on your own, no one can help you with this…no book will help you find it, and this blog will not  help you turn it on. It is something that you must do for yourself, it is a switch that you must turn on and never let it go off again.

The piggys switch;

My switch came in September 2008. I was sitting in the doctors office nervously awaiting some results that I had done in early August. I was sitting in this room feeling as if I was going to be sick, when my doctor knocked on the door and waddled his 5 foot nothing, round body into the small green painted room. He looked at me sat down on that little round stool and said “Janet you have the body of a 40 year old, and If you don’t get healthier you will probably have a heart attack by the time you are 40.”

I felt stunned, as if someone hit me with a sledge hammer. Heart attack? But I am 26, jesus christ.

It all made sense though. Now some of it wasn’t my fault, I had a pre-existing genetic condition in which one of the valves leading to my heart is smaller than all the others so it makes pumping blood to my heart harder. Now this is not a serious condition for someone who is of normal weight, in fact people with this condition go through the majority of their life not knowing they even have it.

There was a difference though. Because of all the extra weight I had packed on to my body and where I carried my weight (my stomach area) it was putting extra stress on this valve and my heart. My blood pressure was high, my cholostreal was high, and  that poor little vaulve was working overtime every minutie of every day because of the condition that I had let my body be in. So I was again placed on Cholosteral medication, blood pressure medication and heart medicine.

My doctor told me to lose weight, and I laughed at him saying “Don’t you think I have already tried that, like a thousand times. How the hell am I suposto loose weight? I have tried EVERYTHING!?!?!?!” and it was true I had tried every diet known to man, Atkins, south beach, the soup diet (which by the way was the most painful), nothing seemed to work for me. I had baught exersize tapes, videos, books and nothing worked. My chubby little doctor looked back at me, smiled and said “You just need to move your body more Janet, and eat less…it’s not brain surgery”

At that moment is when the Switch went off.

He had told me, what I needed to hear. By buying into all of these fad diets I had allowed myself to think of weight loss as a temporary thing, something that I would do for a while and then discard. He had given me the simple answer, the only answer that mattered…weight loss is about moving your body more and reducing the amount of food you shovel into your face. It was true.

This is when I decided that I would approach my weight loss as a long term goal and no longer would I use the word “Diet” because diets my puggy friends are temporary and that is when my key phrase…”Positive lifestyle changes” was born. Postitve lifestyle changes are for good, it is flipping your life, changing the way that you look at and treat food and exersize.

My reward for flipping that switch came in November when I went back to the doctors and my fat little puggy doctor told me that I no longer had to be on the Blood pressure mediciene, the Choloestrol mediciene, and that I no longer had to take the Heart medicene. He looked at me and smiled. I had changed the way that my body functioned all by loosing weight.

Flipping the switch my friends is just the begining, but it has to be done. You have to be willing to change the way you think about yourself before you actually change yourself..

Oink, Oink my friends…..


February 24, 2009 - Posted by | The begining of Your Weight loss Jorney

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